Steve Johnson (dantesdad) wrote in liberal_icons,
Steve Johnson

Here are the "Black Tuesday" icons I made this week. These are certainly NOT quotes from Al Franken or Noam Chomsky (or Will Smith, for that matter), but they were inspired by them.

Week 5. (Yul Brenner in The Magnificent Seven)

Week 4. (REM / Midnight Oil / Springsteen)

Week 3. (Images from Joss Whedon's show, Angel)

Week 2. (Lennon, Sting, etc...)

Week 1 (including Eminem's Mosh and Johnny Cash images), with an explanation as to what this "Black Tuesday" stuff is all about.

I think I'm going to have to make a web page to store them all, as these links are going to start piling up...
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